"Dynamite" - Richard Kingsmill (Triple J)

"Raw and heavy afrofunk, greatness from down under, don't miss it!" - Renegades of Jazz (Agogo Records / Mojo Club)

"Gutsy, gritty soul out of Brisbane City. They have big influences to live up to, but The Francis Wolves nail it. They've got chops, sure. But, more importantly, they play with feeling. Great Stuff!" - Dan Condon (Double J)

"The Francis Wolvse are deep in the ju ju, with searing horn lines and a tight backbeat they'll take you to the ju ju too" - Chris Gill (Northside Records / 3RRR)

"Widescreen, cinematic funk" - Lance Ferguson (The Bamboos / Double J)

"The Francis Wolves are a bold band, an exciting outfit playing with genres in the way on musicians that know their stuff can. Those willing to take a chance on this kind of music will be richly rewarded" - Lauren Katulka (Sounds of Oz)

"The soundtrack to big-wave surfing in hell" - Dom Alessio (Triple J)